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  • His Name Says it All, AllSouth AllStar Buddy

    Meet Buddy, one of our AutoDirect loan officers. Keen on helping folks get what they need so they can get where they need to go, Buddy has been serving our community for over 21 years.

    As an AutoDirect loan officer at our Operations Center in Columbia, SC, Buddy works directly with local auto dealerships to help individuals finance their new vehicles. By working directly with the local dealerships, our AutoDirect team is able to provide one-stop shopping. Simply let the dealership know you'd like to finance your next vehicle with AllSouth, and Buddy and his team will work with you and the dealership to help get you moving in your new vehicle.

    For Buddy, a typical day involves reviewing loan applications, chatting with members, working with the rest of our AutoDirect team, getting in touch with finance managers at local dealerships, and helping his team and other departments as needed. He’s been with AllSouth for 21 years and started his career as a branch manager at our Irmo location. When he was ready for something new, he tried his hand at being a loan officer and found a perfect match. 

    Buddy says his favorite part of his job is the ability to connect with people, directly and indirectly helping our members with important steps in their lives, giving financial advice, and working with his team, whom he is quite fond of. Big on supporting both our members and his team members, Buddy is a great resource for all things auto loans and AllSouth in general. Ten years after transiting from the branches to our AutoDirect team, he still receives calls from members he assisted while working in the branch. Just last week, a long-time member reached out to Buddy for advice on a credit card. He cites this as an example of how providing excellent service makes a lasting impression.

    When members do not qualify for auto loans, Buddy takes the time to assist the member in reviewing their credit and provides guidance on the next steps. This is led by his belief in the Golden Rule, "treat others the way you would like to be treated," recognizing the difference that small acts of kindness can make. He knows that a positive attitude can affect the outcome of your entire day and that "teamwork makes the dream work".

    Speaking with other members of the AutoDirect team, it was clear the difference Buddy makes to his team and members. They described him as "having a character, in the best way," "someone who really appreciates humor," and "somebody who will never show you they are having a hard day".

    Buddy enjoys helping members make the every day possible. He said in his time at AllSouth he's learned just how much of a people person he really is and how much of a difference a little kindness can make in the lives of others. Not taking anything for granted, he makes the most of each experience with our members and his team.

    His best financial advice comes straight from the wisdom passed down to him by his family and his experience with our members. Buddy believes that having good credit is the most helpful thing you can do when it comes to your finances. The knowledge his parents shared with him helped to inspire his career in helping others obtain and understand loans and credit. He also believes strongly in practicing a good work ethic. 

    Outside of serving his community through his work with AllSouth, Buddy volunteers at his church, plays in a worship band, works on the finance committee, assists with the youth group, and more. He has also spent time volunteering with a local food bank, Harvest Hope. Buddy finds inspiration through forming real connections with those around him by working with people to identify and accomplish their goals. He also enjoys spending time with his family, caring for his family's home by doing yard work and other outside activities, and loves Gamecock football.

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