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  • Grow, Learn, and Achieve, AllSouth AllStar, Gina

    Knowing herself and always seeking self-improvement has helped Gina, our featured AllSouth AllStar, throughout her career with AllSouth. Gina started her career with AllSouth over 20 years ago as one of the loan officers for our indirect lending department (where members can complete their auto loan paperwork directly through a local car dealership) and our Call Center. Today, Gina is the Senior Centralized Lending Officer in our centralized lending department. Members and team members regularly recognize Gina for how she treats others and goes out of her way to provide outstanding service.

    Gina is responsible for assisting members with loan applications by phone, which includes discussing various loan options with members to ensure we find the best product for them. It also includes underwriting the loan (reviewing the application and credit to determine if someone is eligible for a loan) and coordinating the loan closing either electronically or by visiting one of our locations. Gina also supports her team when they need assistance with loan applications. When asked what she enjoys most about her work, Gina said, “I genuinely enjoy helping our members; it’s the best part of my work at AllSouth. From helping our members with their first Auto Loan to helping them manage their money, when you take the time to help someone, they will remember how you made them feel.”

    Over her career, Gina has seen many changes in lending, especially over the last few years as the loan process has changed, making it easier and more convenient for individuals to apply for loans online. Members and nonmembers can securely submit an application online from our website whenever it’s convenient for them. If they have questions or would prefer to speak with someone before applying, they can stop by one of our convenient locations or contact our Call Center to apply by phone. Gina said many of the members she’s helped over the years will call or email her directly when they need a loan. They trust Gina, appreciate her guidance throughout the loan process, and know that she’ll work hard to find solutions to help them reach their financial goals.

    One of the most rewarding parts of Gina’s job as a lending officer is getting to help members, particularly those in need. While Gina has helped many members throughout her career, she recalls specifically assisting a member with a car loan and helping them take care of unsecured debt by providing them with a lower payment and interest rate. Gina takes the time to get to know the members she assists so she can find additional ways to help them better manage their finances. If there’s something else she can do to help or a better option, she takes the time to provide that information to help the member make the right decision. Assisting members by providing financial help and guidance is what she does best. Gina personally lives by a financial strategy to set short-term, medium-term, and long-term financial goals. When asked what advice she would give our members, Gina said, “Live within your means and plan for your future.”

    In addition to serving our members, Gina also serves as a mentor for her team by letting them know she is there for them if they need anything. She wants to help her team members grow, learn, and achieve their career goals. Gina’s supervisor and Centralized Lending Manager, Tracy, had this to say about her, “Gina is very dedicated to helping members. She shows compassion and understanding throughout the loan process and can be counted on to go the extra step to help the member. She is very knowledgeable, and this shows when explaining the loan process to members and answering any questions that may arise. Gina is willing to help out in any capacity that is needed to make the loan department run smoothly; she is often the first to offer assistance when needed.”

    During her personal time, Gina enjoys relaxing, spending quality time with her family, walking in nature, and fishing. Gina also enjoys traveling, and her favorite destinations are Disney World and Germany. Gina would one day love to travel to Hawaii.

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