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  • Serving Members with Passion, AllSouth AllStar Gerrard

    Our featured AllSouth AllStar, Gerrard, is often described as a leader by his peers. While there are many characteristics of a good leader, the ones that best describe Gerrard are knowledgeable, confident, humble, and passionate. Gerrard, currently a vault teller at our Parklane location, started his career with AllSouth just about three years ago. Ever since joining our team, his leadership qualities and desire for excellence have been a great addition in helping us better serve our members.

    Gerrard is trained and skilled in various branch and banking operations. He assists his manager, supervises and provides assistance to his teammates, and assists members with their financial needs. "One of Gerrard's goals is to excel in all areas. He is a perfectionist, and that's his strong suit. When I’m away from the office or assisting a member, I am confident that Gerrard is at the wheel because of his ability to accept difficulties and excel,” said Sheila, branch manager.

    Gerrard is passionate about helping others. The one thing he enjoys the most about his position is  helping our members with their everyday financial needs. Gerrard knows when times get hard for our members, that's when we go harder. Growing up in a home with a parent who knew the value of saving and planning for the future, Gerrard is prepared to help our members structure their accounts to get the most of their money. He works to ensure their money is working for them.

    We’ve seen first-hand the many effects of the pandemic. For many people trying to cope, live, and work during a pandemic has been a challenge, especially when it comes to financial matters. Gerrard’s goal is to help members feel at ease and have peace of mind when they walk into the branch. Gerrard not only finds the best products or services for our members, but he’s also willing to share helpful advice about saving when the opportunity presents itself. “It's never too early or inconvenient of a time to start saving for your future. Even if it is a few dollars from your paycheck or when you get a little pocket change, put it in your savings. Before you know it, you'll have a sizable amount in your account,” said Gerrard.

    Gerrard shared with us how he was able to help a member who struggled with saving money. The member recently received a large settlement check, and he wanted to deposit it in an account that he could not touch. The member admitted to Gerrard that he wasn’t good with saving money but wanted to start doing better in that area. The member’s goal was to save money from his weekly paycheck. “I immediately thought of our 12 Month Add-On Certificate since he wanted to contribute to his account frequently,” said Gerrard.

    The 12 Month Add-On Certificate offers a higher interest rate than a regular secondary savings, and he could also deposit into this account as often as he wanted to as it matured. The member loved the idea and opened the CD account immediately. The member has a sizeable savings now. “Whenever the member visited the branch, he would always stop by and thank me for helping him find a solution to his problem. It’s times like these that I enjoy being a financial resource for our member. We’re able to provide our members with the latest tools and technology to help them in moments like these,” said Gerrard.


    From interacting with team members to members, Gerrard is dedicated, and he gives 100 percent to whatever task or commitment he’s been assigned. His philosophy in life is, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade." It may be cliché, but Gerrard feels whatever life throws his way, he will deal with it in his unique way. He believes that when you are joyous and happy, others will be affected by it, no matter their mood. He wants to impact those he serves, and he believes that each day brings a new opportunity for him to be a difference-maker.

    When Gerrard is not working, he takes time to enjoy life. He enjoys singing, editing videos for his church, and reading a good book. He loves laughing and spending time with his family and friends. In his spare time, he’s buried in books and writing papers in pursuit of a Master's Degree in Divinity.

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