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  • Mobile Application Features in New Online & Mobile Banking Platform

    Our new Online and Mobile Banking platform comes with a host of features created exclusively for mobile users. Use this guide to set up your Push Notifications, Touch/Face ID, and more. To get started, log in to your AllSouth Mobile Banking App. From the “Menu” select “Settings” where you will find the mobile features that are available.

    Push Notifications: Allows notifications you have set up under “Alert Settings” to be sent directly to your device via push alerts. To set up push notifications, under the “ALERTS” section click “Push Notification Enrollment.” Once you turn this on, you’ll see a pop-up for Device Setup to allow notifications. After you enroll, you can create and manage alerts for your accounts by visiting “Alert Settings” under the “ALERTS” section.

    Touch/Face ID: Enable or disable biometric login access on your mobile device. This feature allows you to validate your Mobile Banking session using biometric authentication (fingerprint, facial recognition, etc.) instead of a Login ID and Password. To activate Touch/Face ID, visit the “SECURITY” section in settings, and click “Touch/Face ID.” Toggle the button on to activate Touch/Face ID. A pop-up with more information about the feature will come up on your screen. Click continue, then you will be prompted to enter your Login ID and Password to confirm activation. You can turn this feature off whenever you’d like and return to using a Login ID and Password to access your account. If you change your Login ID or Password, you will need to follow the steps to reactivate Touch/Face ID.

    *The biometric feature is only available for users with a biometric enabled device.

    Quick Balance: Previously referred to as Fast Balances, Quick Balance allows you to check your account balances for up to five of your accounts from the login page without needing to log in. If you set up this feature, it is recommended that your device is secure with a passcode. To get started, visit the “PREFERENCES” section in settings and select “Quick Balance.” Toggle the button on to activate this feature. This feature can be disabled at any time.

    Apple Watch® (Apple® users only): Check your available balances with your Apple Watch® without having to log into your Mobile Banking App. Visit the “PREFERENCES” section in settings and select “Apple Watch® Enrollment.” To enable this feature, toggle the button on beside “Apple Watch®.” Your Apple Watch® must be paired with the mobile device that has the Mobile Banking App installed. If you unpair your watch, you will no longer be able to view your account information using your Apple Watch®. You can disable this feature at any time.

    Visit our Online and Mobile Banking page to learn more about other new features.

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