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  • A Behind the Scenes Look at Auto Lending’s, AllSouth AllStar, Kenny

    Compassion and dedication are qualities of AllSouth AllStar, Kenny Vinson. Kenny has been on the AllSouth team for fourteen years. Currently working in the indirect auto lending department, Kenny has also worked in other areas of lending in the centralized lending department. (There are several teams that deal with different kinds of loans and lending at AllSouth, including mortgage, centralized lending, and indirect auto lending. Indirect auto lending is the team that specifically works with auto dealerships. It allows for one-stop shopping when it comes to vehicle purchases.)

    Kenny’s work in the centralized lending department allowed him to be a part of helping people and families purchase their cars. “Being able to be there when someone is buying their first car or when they need a large vehicle due to a growing family is really neat. I feel as though I’m making a real impact. I enjoy seeing people through this milestone,” said Kenny about his work.

    “Hearing someone say, “thank you, for helping me or it was a pleasure working with you” are the reasons why I love what I do,” said Kenny. “There’s no greater joy than helping someone and making a difference.” His role in the auto lending department doesn't allow for many interactions with members. Along with others on his team, Kenny is one of our behind the scenes lenders (or as we like to call him, AllStar), underwriting each applicant carefully, making decisions that are beneficial to the member and to AllSouth – making his role essential in the car buying process.

    In his current role, Kenny works in the indirect auto lending department with AllSouth’s auto dealer partners.  The process of getting a car is getting easier and easier – not to mention faster. Our indirect auto lending department works hard to make it as simple as possible. Kenny’s main role is to help with the application process. When an application is received from the dealership, he is responsible for reviewing the application to see if the person applying meets the criteria to be approved. Dealerships submit the application paperwork directly to AllSouth’s indirect auto lending team. This process saves the applicant from having to visit both the dealership and an AllSouth location.

    Taking a behind the scenes look at the process, Kenny reviews applications, credit reports, vehicle information, auto history, and other information included in the auto loan application. This is all part of documenting the underwriting decisions and is an essential part of the loan application process. (Underwriting is the process that a lender or financial service uses to assess the creditworthiness of a customer.)

    Mondays are usually the busiest days for the indirect auto lending team because dealerships do a large amount of their business over the weekend. (Who doesn’t love going car shopping on Saturdays?)

    Car purchases are major investments for most individuals and families.  According to Kelley Blue Book, the average cost of a car is $37,577. For most, it is the second largest purchase (a home being the largest) a person will make. At AllSouth, our team understands that this is an important decision and works hard to provide the best service during this milestone. We’re glad to have people like Kenny on our team.

    Outside of AllSouth, Kenny enjoys spending time with his wife and family and serving his church.  Making a difference is a constant theme for Kenny. He also serves on the Richland County Coroner’s Office all volunteer “Care Team.”  As a volunteer, Kenny visits crime scenes and homes to comfort family members after a loss of their loved one.  As an avid golfer, Kenny is also excited to have been chosen as an Ambassador/Marshall for the PGA Tour Wells Fargo Championship in Charlotte, NC.  He is also a fan of the University of South Carolina.  #GoCocks!!

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