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  • Working to Keep the AllSouth Team Safe, AllSouth AllStar Caroline

    This month’s AllSouth AllStar has worn many hats while working at AllSouth. From file vault clerk, loan administration and loan officer to floating branch manager and operations assistant, she’s done a little bit of everything throughout her 31 years here. Caroline, now our Facilities Manager, has a particularly important role in today’s circumstances.

    After joining the facilities team in 2004, she has come to manage our facility operations, which includes overseeing all of our 23 branch locations and our headquarters better known as the operations center. Caroline and the facilities team handles everything from plumbing issues to ensuring the buildings are clean and functioning properly. That role takes on a new meaning today as we deal with the new reality of the Coronavirus COVID-19. As an essential business, we are still here serving our members – through new and modified methods. Caroline and the facilities team are doing all they can to keep our employees and members safe. They have increased the frequency and level of cleaning at all our locations, have modified our cleaning protocols, and made sure our employees have access to sanitizers, cleaners, and other protective measures to keep them and their personal work spaces safe. They are constantly monitoring our supplies making sure we have what we need to complete our tasks safely. We are grateful for her efforts during this time in helping us stay as safe as possible. 

    When operations are normal, Caroline is busy with the day-to-day management of the facilities. “She’s incredibly organized and intentional about her work and makes sure our facilities are ready for both our members and our team members each day,” said Wes. “On an average day, she communicates with our vendors and branch staff about scheduled maintenance visits, offers guidance on facilities-related issues, orders supplies, and more for the wide variety of services we oversee. Being on the facilities team comes with its own share of challenges. Our focus has had to change a bit. Along with maintaining the high level of everyday support that she provides, Caroline also places a focus on the heightened level of safety and wellness in all our facilities. She plays an integral role in our success and does it well, with diligence and care. I’m grateful to have her as a part of the team.”

    Caroline also plays a key role in our new construction projects, which is her favorite part of the job. “It’s a great feeling to see a project go from a set of plans to an awesome new facility that our members and employees will love,” said Caroline. With the many details that go into planning a new location or remodel, she works with architects, engineers, contractors, and selecting the furniture and artwork that make it AllSouth. 

    Throughout her career at AllSouth, she’s held many positions. In one of her previous roles as a lender, she helped the call center team implement the loan-by-phone program, and helped with our online loan applications process. “I love that I was able to meet so many great members during my early years here and help people to reach their financial goals. ‘People helping people’ really is the credit union way,” said Caroline.

    “I am proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish so far and look forward to more to come,” said Caroline. Her 31-year career has afforded her the opportunity to give advice, “do not be afraid to try new things because you don’t know where it might lead.”

    Outside of work, Caroline can be found cruising on the Blue Ridge Parkway with her husband, hiking the trails, and trying her hand at nature photography. When she’s not out and about on a nature adventure, she likes to read and watch movies (many of us are doing a lot more of this lately), and is happy to have time with her friends and family.

    Thank you to Caroline and our facilities team for helping us stay safe. 

    Find our more about our response to Coronavirus COVID-19. 

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