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    Tyler, this month’s featured AllSouth AllStar, started his career at AllSouth working at our Kennerly and Ballentine locations before transitioning to our mortgage department. Tyler is now one of our Residential Lending Officers. After graduating from the University of South Carolina, he started his career at AllSouth where he felt like he found a place that would allow him to make a difference and share his compassion for others. This virtue is something that was instilled in him by his grandmother. He remembers she wouldn't hesitate to help anyone and that has stuck with him all his life.

    Tyler enjoys helping people, and it's important in everything he does at AllSouth, especially in our mortgage department.  Tyler is funny, very personable, and highly knowledgeable. He will go above and beyond to help wherever he is needed. "Whether someone is looking to refinance their home or purchase a new home, he strives to make their mortgage process as smooth as possible. His charismatic personality sets him apart from the competition.  In addition, Tyler has a vast knowledge of credit union products and services which has helped him excel in the mortgage department," said Shannon, Director of Mortgage Lending.

    As a residential lending officer, Tyler is responsible for underwriting mortgage applications from start to finish. Underwriting is the process in which a lender thoroughly reviews the mortgage application and verifies income, assets, debt, and property details to determine if a loan can be approved. He analyzes every aspect of a mortgage application to ensure we provide a loan that fits our member's needs. When he's not underwriting a mortgage loan, Tyler is busy issuing mortgage approval letters, reviewing mortgage applications, or getting a closing package together for a member.

    Giving each process the attention it deserves and making someone feel at ease with one of the most significant financial decisions they can make is important to our mortgage team. It takes a particular skill and understanding of the process and how people think. Tyler plays a big part in making that happen for our members and enjoys when they return to tell him how easy he made the entire process for them. Tyler wants members to know that they are important to us. He encourages members to stay in touch and call him anytime with questions or concerns they have. "While I don't have all the answers, I'm always here to help, and if I don't know the answer, I can get them to someone who does," said Tyler.

    The mortgage process can seem overwhelming if you don't have a knowledgeable and caring mortgage team to help you along the way. Tyler is part of a skilled team that focuses on helping members and potential members find the best mortgage for their individual needs. Most people are confused about mortgages and can quickly become stressed once the process begins. In addition, they may be dealing with a lot of debt and have questions about consolidating and managing that debt so they can keep their home. Knowing the different mortgage products and how each product works is part of the reason Tyler enjoys helping members with their mortgages.

    Tyler recalls when he recently helped a couple who believed they could not continue to pay their bills and mortgage while living on a fixed income. They hoped that they could keep their home by refinancing and getting a better rate. Tyler took the initiative to work out a mortgage refinance plan for them. He showed them that they could pay off all their debts with the equity in their home, and their monthly payments would go down by $1,000. "In this position, you don't realize the effect you can make on someone's livelihood. Setting these members up for that much financial freedom did make me feel like I made a big impact on their lives," said Tyler.

    We asked Tyler some of the challenges he feels our members face today. He spoke about meeting with members who have let collection accounts and bills ruin their credit. When working on improving your credit, you must consider that a couple of missed payments here and there can derail your progress. Collection accounts can quickly stop your credit score from rising. You may have made all your mortgage and auto payments on time, but if you miss or ignore the smaller bills, it can be hard to see any real progress. Instead, work on the smaller bills and get those paid off. Start small and build from there. Soon you'll see positive changes to your credit score and your accounts. It's also true of people who want to save money to purchase a new home. Start small and build on that. We help our members by providing financial resources for them. Tyler's financial advice would be to keep unnecessary spending to a minimum, keep a budget, and review your credit report once a year to help you make better financial decisions.

    "Build on your credit, be responsible, and start early if you can," said Tyler about the financial strategy he lives by. Be willing to learn whatever it takes to create a sound financial future for yourself. Tyler said he got a new perspective as to how the world of credit works after attempting to get a mortgage at twenty-two. At that time, he didn't realize that you must apply for credit and continue to build on it to establish good credit. As a young person, you can establish credit in several ways. For starters, you could open a credit card in your name, apply for a secured loan, or ask a parent to add you to one of their credit cards as an authorized user. Young people with limited credit experience don't realize all the ways good credit can make life easier for them. Applying for credit, renting an apartment, or getting your phone plan might all require good credit. If someone has poor credit or no credit, they may end up paying a larger security deposit on apartments, utilities, or internet services. Whatever path you choose, it's best to start sooner rather than later because a positive credit history can help you in many ways and save you money during the transition into adulthood.

    Tyler attributes his outgoing personality to his success. He explained that being more social and outgoing helps him relate to his teammates and members. "His sense of humor brings laughter and joy to our department," said Shannon, Director of Mortgage Lending. Tyler said he never wants to feel like a stranger. He has a good working relationship with all the people he's worked with at AllSouth. Members also make him feel valued and appreciated when they come back to him later for assistance with other needs. Tyler knows he can be depended on and doesn't mind going the extra mile for anyone. He’s proud of his six years at AllSouth and incredibly proud to be part of our mortgage department where his teammates create a family-like atmosphere that helps the entire department exceed its goals.

    When Tyler is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife, five-year-old daughter, and one-year-old son. Tyler says, "watching my kids grow is one of the most fulfilling things in my life." In addition, Tyler has extensively traveled the eastern part of the U.S. One day, he hopes to take his wife to Ireland or Scotland since both places appear to be peaceful and beautiful.

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