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  • Caring and Selflessness Make John an AllSouth AllStar

    “John is one of the most caring people I know. He is selfless and always thinks of others first,” said Jamie (another AllSouth AllStar) on this month’s AllSouth AllStar, John. John is one of our supervisors and has been with us for seven years now. Throughout this time, he has made it his mission to go above and beyond to assist his members and ensure they receive the best customer service they can.

    Some common words used to describe him are humble and hardworking. Another sentiment held by many who have worked with John is that he always puts the member first.

    He takes it upon himself to make sure that the members he serves are taken care of in a timely and efficient manner. He makes sure that his staff has all the tools they need. John believes in sticking to our core credit union value of people helping people.

    “If there is a chance that I can do something to make a member's life easier through a product or service that we offer, I am going to do everything I can to provide them with exactly what they want. Or if they are unsure or not as knowledgeable, I will spend time helping them figure out what might be best to help them in their individual situation.”

    Team member Betty had this to say about John "John is the epitome of excellent member service. He always strives to surpass the members’ needs. He leads by example and is the driving force that keeps his staff motivated and focused on providing excellent service. He gets total satisfaction every time he is  able to provide a service or product that helps the member achieve their financial goals. Anyone who observes him work or interacts with him can tell that he really enjoys what he does."  

    He recalls one interaction where a member stopped in one day excited to share that she was able to purchase a new vehicle. “Talking with one of our members, I asked what her rate and term were. It turns out that the deal she’d received was at a rate higher than the highest rate we offer. I gathered some more information from the member on the vehicle and asked her if she would be alright with applying to refinance. The member agreed to apply but seemed sure that we would deny her. The application ended up not only getting approved, but the member also found out she had a higher credit rating than she thought. All in all, I was able to save her $150 a month and cut her interest rate in half! I gathered all the documentation and had her on her way in no time.” (If you’re in the market to refinance or just want a new car, you can apply online here). Needless to say, she was thrilled that John had taken the time to talk to her.

    When he’s not helping members, John enjoys spending his free time with his wife and children. They are all big Carolina fans. He also enjoys going for runs.

    Next time you’re out in the Red Bank area stop by our Platt Springs location and say hi to John and his team. Who knows, you may end up saving a few bucks by stopping in. 

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