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    For AllStar Bryan, every day is a new adventure. Serving 23 AllSouth locations across 9 counties, Bryan became a floating Member Service Representative (MSR) after joining our team as a floating teller over four years ago. As a floating MSR, Bryan assists members with whatever they may need, whether that means opening their first bank account or assisting them with a loan application. But Bryan isn't just an amazing MSR, he is a wonderful team player. Because he is a floater, Bryan is usually filling in for those who are out sick or on vacation, meaning he may be in a different location every day of the week. He's quick to adjust to the needs of his team and our members.


    Truly an asset to AllSouth, Bryan welcomes you the second you visit one of our locations, making sure you feel right at home. When we asked Angela, Bryan's supervisor, about what makes Bryan stand out, she said that "Bryan genuinely cares about our members and constantly finds opportunities to serve them better. Bryan is dedicated to bettering our members' lives. Whether he's helping them build their credit or finding ways to help them save, Bryan will help members any way he can." His mission is to make sure everyone around him is getting what they need to be successful. Angela also told us that our locations are always eager to know when they can next expect Bryan to be working with them, and that "his energy and positive attitude brighten every branch he walks into," making himself "a part of every branch and team."

    Bryan believes that his success comes from his willingness to listen, patience to explain and educate, and clear and consistent communication with those he is interacting with – members and the AllSouth team alike. Working at different locations, in different roles, and on different projects, Bryan has developed a wealth of knowledge and experiences that helps him in assisting members regardless of their situation.


    Bryan understands that sometimes members may not know what questions they need to ask to start their journey towards financial freedom, and this is an area where Bryan excels. With his passion for people, Bryan will encourage members to share their story with him, finding out exactly what their needs are. From there, Bryan is able to suggest the best product or options for moving forward, with an individualized plan for each member. From personal experience, Bryan knows that members may not realize which services are the most beneficial to them, which is "why it's so important for us to listen to our members, explain how our products and services work, and answer any questions our members might have. We need to be ready to provide the kind of service that stands out above everyone else."


    While speaking with Bryan, we asked him to walk us through a memorable experience with a member. He told us about one of our members who had unfortunately lost their spouse and was suddenly in the unfamiliar, overwhelming situation of navigating their finances alone. In order to help this member as effectively and efficiently as possible, Bryan assisted her in setting up Online Banking. With Online Banking, the member was able to view their accounts, track their spending, and sign up to receive eStatements. Bryan also assisted this member with setting up automatic payments, which allow you to schedule payments you know you will be making ahead of time and not have to worry about meeting deadlines later. 


    Bryan also shared an experience with a member who was having a difficult time getting approved for a loan as a result of his credit history. After listening to the member's story, Bryan recommended the member apply for a Share Secured Loan which allows you to borrow against your AllSouth Savings account or AllSouth Certificate while building credit. With Bryan's expert advice, the member decided to apply for the loan. After six months of good payment history on the Share Secured Loan, the member was approved for a Personal Loan to help further establish their credit. Bryan told us he feels that AllSouth's Secured Loan really embodies our spirit as an organization. We pride ourselves on providing help every step of the way to your financial success.


    Bryan's best financial advice is that even a dollar at a time is a step toward your goals. He advises that "it's never too late to build credit, save money, and work towards a dream. The first step is to get started, and that's where AllSouth can help." Whether you already have a handle on your finances or if you need to know where to start, AllSouth has the resources that can help you learn more about anything from budgeting and saving to managing credit. Bryan said that "it's been very rewarding helping members achieve their financial goals." Going on to say, "AllSouth is an organization that genuinely cares for their members which means a lot to me." 


    But Bryan isn't all work and no play. When Bryan is not at one of our branches, he enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, cooking, and doing yard work. Bryan enjoys taking trips to the mountains and the beach, and this adventurous spirit is likely why being a floater is such a good fit for him. One day he hopes to visit Italy. Bryan loves Italian history and would like the chance to tour all of the gorgeous, historical architecture and see influential art. Bryan also collects coins and stamps. Bryan embodies AllSouth's drive for helping people, and having Bryan on our team is what makes us, us. If you haven't already, we hope you'll get to meet Bryan one day!



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