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Serving with Kindness and Humility, AllSouth AllStar, Will

This month's featured AllSouth AllStar, Will, has been a member of the AllSouth team for six years. He believes that whatever you put out into the world will always come back to you tenfold, and that’s why he strives to show kindness and respect to all he encounters. Will, who currently serves as an ATM representative, attributes his success at AllSouth to being humble, kind, and respectful, which are some of the qualities that make him our featured AllSouth AllStar.

In 2015, Will started his career with us as a Member Answer Center (MAC) representative in our call center. MAC is where we answer calls to assist our members with their accounts and serve as the voice of the credit union. After several years as a MAC representative, he was promoted to his current position as an ATM representative in our ATM and Card Services department, which oversees the operation of our ATMs and AllSouth debit cards. We have around 70 AllSouth ATMs throughout the Midlands and provide access to more than 28,000 surcharge-free ATMs making it convenient to serve our members and the community.

Will works hard every day to assist and serve our members and his fellow team members. We are happy to have Will on the AllSouth team.

In Will’s position, he is responsible for monitoring our large ATM network and handling disputes specifically for ATM transactions. Disputes range from ATMs ‘eating cards’ or capturing them to ATMs not dispensing the correct amount of cash requested. He investigates any issues that may arise and works to take steps to resolve them. Latrese, his current supervisor, shared a recent incident of how Will handled an ATM dispute with a member. “We normally get calls concerning captured cards at the ATM, but this day, Will had to handle a call from a member who was upset about his debit card. The member’s debit card was taken by the ATM, and he didn’t want to order a new card. The member wanted the same card back from the ATM. Normally, it would take a few weeks to get the card back from an ATM when stuck inside the machine. Will gave the member several options on obtaining a new card, but the member did not want to get a new card and only wanted their card to be retrieved from the ATM. Once Will explained to the member that it would take several weeks to get the card from the ATM and if he were to visit one of our branches, he could get a new one in minutes versus being without a card for weeks. After realizing the convenience of having a card printed at one of our branches, the member was relieved and thanked Will for his assistance. Will's persistence to help and stay professional on the call with an upset member allowed for better service,” said Latrese.

Will enjoys the challenges that each day brings, and he enjoys working alongside his team members. On any typical day in his current position, he reviews various reports to ensure the ATMs are functioning properly and ready to serve members, and he makes sure the general ledgers are balanced.

He’s always upbeat and positive and willing to help me when I need it,” said Porchia, a team member.

Between making sure our ATMs are properly functioning and handling disputes, Will takes time to train his team members on ATM procedures, ensuring they understand the entire process. Will’s team members describe him as a bubbly person with an excellent work ethic and a sense of humor who takes the initiative, is eager to learn, and gets the job done. “I really enjoy working with Will. He’s always upbeat and positive and willing to help me when I need it,” said Porchia, a team member. There’s never a dull moment when Will is around.

Will works hard every day to assist and serve our members and his fellow team members. We are happy to have Will on the AllSouth team.

Will has a passion for music. Outside of his career with us, he’s a singer and songwriter and has released several projects that are on all music streaming platforms. He’s also performed in live shows around Columbia over the last couple of years. In addition to his music career, Will and a friend started a podcast earlier this year that discusses various topics ranging from current events, pop culture, to relationships.

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