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  • Positive and Personable, AllSouth AllStar, Jane

    Jane helps to find, hire, and introduce our new team members to AllSouth, shaping the credit union as a whole. Jane is hard-working, friendly, and eager to help, naturally encouraging all those she encounters.  

    Jane is our human resources generalist. She works on recruiting, interviewing, and hiring the team members for our branches and Operations Center. She conducts all new hire orientations in conjunction with Jenny, our benefits manager. Jane also keeps track of team member's anniversaries and milestones. She said what she enjoys most about her job is getting to meet so many wonderful people, making connections with them before they head out to their position.

    Jane mentioned that sometimes when a potential candidate has their first interview, they may not know much about AllSouth or credit unions in general. She loves getting to explain these things to possible new hires. She feels that she is responsible for giving new hires their first real impression of AllSouth, starting with their first interview and up until their very first day of work. New team members spend most of their first day on the job with Jane who explains our history, our standards and practices as a credit union, and our mission.

    Jane says every year she has been here she has enjoyed seeing more and more team members she helped hire grow and develop as they take on new roles within the company. She doesn't forget anyone; if Jane trained you, she remembers you, and will greet you by name as soon as she sees you. She loves getting to catch up with team members when she has the chance, and mentioned that she really enjoys company-wide gatherings like our annual holiday party for this reason. It takes a special person to really care about everyone they meet, to want the best for them and to remember personal details about them, and Jane does all of that. 

    Jane describes herself as a team player, but not just for her department; she is a team player for all of AllSouth. She understands the value of each of our different departments and the impacts each has on our individual members, team members, and community as a whole. 

    Jane's team is small, but together they make up all of our human resources (HR) department. Jane works directly with Kevin, our Chief Human Resources Officer, and Jenny, our benefits manager, to make sure any and all relevant issues are tackled in a timely manner. Kevin says, "Jane is dedicated, hard-working, easy-going, and gets the job done." She takes her responsibilities seriously. She's always on her feet, and she'll tell you herself she likes to stay busy. Jenny, our benefits manager, said that Jane has been a great addition to the HR department. Eager to help, Jane is dependable, personable, and has a positive attitude. 

    While Jane enjoys her job and daily tasks, she also has great respect for AllSouth and really loves working here. She said part of what drew her in when she started her career was the inviting atmosphere. When looking for new hires, that's one thing Jane tries to focus on - finding the right fit - team members who will go above and beyond to assist their members and peers. Whether it's our executives or our tellers, Jane said it important for our team to be approachable and kind, always willing to help others.  

    Jane's mother was a CPA, and taught her from an early age to balance her check book and keep up with her finances. She is proud to work somewhere that actively works to help educate our members about their own finances, and how to achieve their dreams and goals. Jane raised her two daughters, whom she is very proud of, with the same mindset passed down from her mother, advising her girls to keep track of their checking accounts, spending habits, and credit score. 

    Outside of work you can find Jane in a few different places. In order to keep up with her (active) work style, she keeps her personal life active by exploring new places to hike, lifting weights, going to the gym, and doing Zumba with her friends. 


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