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  • Ready to Welcome You, AllSouth AllStar, Jessica

    Meet Jessica, one of our mortgage loan processors who works at our Operations Center. Jessica has a magnetic personality and does everything she can to provide a great experience for our members throughout the mortgage loan process. Paying special attention to every detail, she works with our members and mortgage team to help ensure everything runs smoothly.

    Unofficially the greeter of our mortgage department, Jessica loves guiding members to the right place when they come in and seeing her team when they arrive to work every morning. Each week brings in new members, challenges, and successes.

    Jessica described herself as having an electric personality, and her team agrees. Tyler, one of our residential lending officers who works with Jessica, said that “Jessica goes out of her way to spread positive morale in our department.” She cares about her team and knows that fully serving our members involves being a great team player and taking care of those around her. Tyler also said that Jessica’s “kindness and attitude are the perfect combination for helping our members” and that Jessica is “a main ingredient for keeping this department a tight-knit family.” 

    Jessica's main responsibility is reviewing members’ mortgage applications that we receive online, in person, and by phone. The review involves checking to see if the product the member has applied for is the one that best fits their described needs, reaching out to any involved mortgage and insurance companies, and verifying the applicant’s income and employment. Jessica is the member’s initial point of contact, and she has the very important job of keeping them updated throughout the application process. Once the application is approved, it will transfer to either Tyler or Melissa, two residential lending officers Jessica works closely with. Each day for Jessica looks a little different, and she likes it that way. Jessica says that her favorite part of her job is being the member’s “first point of contact in their new beginning,” welcoming them and explaining the process of how to get them what they need.

    Jessica has been working as a mortgage loan processor for just shy of two years but has been on the AllSouth team for 11 years. Initially joining our team as a teller, Jessica has an expansive knowledge of our products, established relationships with our members, and experience with handling all kinds of situations. Before becoming a mortgage loan processor, Jessica worked in our centralized lending department as a loan processor. While a similar position, instead of working with mortgages, she was processing personal loans such as Auto Loans. Having extensive knowledge of our products and what's involved in the loan process, Jessica is able to skillfully assist our members with finding the best product based on their needs and situation, even if that means waiting to purchase a home. 

    She talked about how because of current market rates and inflation in our post-pandemic world, purchasing a new home may not be the best choice for a member at this time. We have some members who've decided to stay in their current home and use their home's equity for a Home Equity Loan, so they have money available to make home improvements and cover other expenses. Jessica said some members have also expressed an interest in our No Down Payment Options* as they provide more financial flexibility. 

    Jessica said one of her most memorable days at AllSouth was during her first week in lending. After being trained by her team member, Jessica had the opportunity to help her very first member with a loan request. She successfully assisted the member, providing great service that stood out to the member, so much so that they shared their experience on social media. Jessica explained how much that recognition meant to her and when things really started to click. She has stuck to the “if I can, I will” mantra ever since. Not every interaction goes as smoothly as that very first one, but Jessica keeps in mind how much of a difference she can make in our members' lives. While talking about her experiences working with members, she said, "what may be small for you can be major for someone else.”

    Jessica prides herself on her commitment to serving our members, and she’s proud of the career she’s made out of it. She believes that credit and financial literacy are extremely important and knows if you don’t have parents who instill this in you, you may never learn about it until you are an adult and on your own in the world. Understanding how to build and maintain your credit as well as how to manage your money are things that Jessica knows can change peoples' lives, so of course, she feels passionate about sharing this knowledge with others. Throughout her career at AllSouth, she has helped guide our members to the information and team members who can best assist them because that’s what she believes in most.

    Outside of work, Jessica is no less electric. A lifelong member of the 4-H Club, she believes in being a part of her community. She's passing along this wisdom to her son, also a member of the 4-H Club. Jessica goes roller skating with her sister every week, who happens to have her same birthday, but no - they're not twins! Jessica also loves traveling and exploring new places, but most of all, she loves Disney. She said that Disney World is truly her happy place, and it's her goal to visit all of the parks one day. 




    *No Down Payment Options available on 5/5 Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) and 15 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage. Other fees and requirements may apply. Available on primary residences located in the state of South Carolina. Qualification is subject to creditworthiness. Offer is available for a limited time and is subject to end without notice.

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