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  • Putting Members First, AllSouth AllStar Sherika

    Updated: April 6, 2022 
    Sherika joined our team 14 years ago, and she's been on a roll ever since.  Her knowledge, drive, and passion for helping members reach their financial goals are just a few things about Sherika that make her our featured AllSouth AllStar. 
    Starting her career as a teller, she has worked her way up becoming a member service representative before landing her current position as a centralized lending officer. During her career with us, she has helped many members achieve their financial goals, find solutions to meet their needs, and has built lasting relationships with members and team members alike. If you ask, Sherika will give you many reasons why she enjoys her job, but the most important reason is the positive difference she makes for our members.

    As a lending officer, Sherika evaluates and processes Auto Loans and Personal Loans that originate in the branch, the Call center, or online. She reviews applications and gathers information and documents to ensure the loans are processed efficiently and in a timely manner. She works closely with members, guiding them step by step during the process.  Once loans are approved, she schedules closings (or the completion of the loan process), which members have the option to do at a branch or electronically online. Through her work, she’s able to help members purchase their dream car or that boat they’ve been eyeing for a while – this part of her work really brings great satisfaction. 

    She also enjoys assisting members with debt consolidation and lowering high-interest rates to help reduce their debt. Whether it’s with a personal loan or a low-interest AllSouth credit card, Sherika listens to the member and provides information to help them make a confident and well-informed decision for their current situation. 

    Jamie, an AllSouth team member, said, “Sherika has truly been one of my favorite people to work with. You can tell by the way she treats people that she loves her job, and she does it with an infectious smile.”  

    Sherika strives to offer the best solution for our members’ financial well-being. She remembers a time when she was able to help a member who thought their situation was hopeless.  “A member had a vehicle financed with us that wasn’t operational. The vehicle needed a compressor, alternator, and new tires. On top of his car troubles, the member had recently lost his wife to cancer and did not have the funds to purchase a new vehicle or repair his current vehicle. He was also concerned that his credit had taken a negative hit due to dealing with family illness. He felt that he was out of options. After talking to the member and looking at his situation, I was able to refinance his current vehicle with a cash out option to pay for the repairs on the vehicle. I was also able to keep the member’s auto loan payment within his budget after the refinance. The member was extremely happy that he was able to repair his vehicle and not be without transportation. The tears of joy in the member’s eyes were one of the most rewarding experiences. This is something that we work to do every day, but to him it was extraordinary. This is just another reason why I love my job,” said Sherika. 

    Sherika has the ability to build lasting relationships with members and team members. Bryce, her supervisor, said, “Sherika has a member first mentality and is ready to help anyone at a moment’s notice. Members trust Sherika, and they know she will get the job done.”

    Her work ethic and compassion have created loyal members who request to work specifically with her. “I have a member who currently has five auto loans with us. She comes directly to me every time she is ready to purchase a new vehicle – either for herself or for one of her children. She knows that I will work with her preferred dealership and work to get the loan closed as quickly and as efficiently as possible. She has been a member for 30 years,” said Sherika. This is just another example of how she strives to be the best at what she does, and does it with ease and confidence. Members and team members seek her out knowing she will get the job done while flashing her infectious smile (which is always a plus). 

    When Sherika isn’t working to help members, she spends her time taking any type of dance fitness, especially Zumba.  She’s a proud alumni of the University of South Carolina, and a loyal fan of the Gamecocks Women’s Basketball team. 

    Next time you want to purchase a car or need a loan, know that you’re in good hands with the AllSouth team and Sherika. 

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