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  • Everything You Need to Know About Multi-Factor Authentication 

    So what exactly is multi-factor authentication, also referred to as MFA? MFA is an added security feature that 'authenticates' a user, proving to the service being used that you are who you say you are. Using multiple factors to verify who you are, MFA enhances the security of a site that typically holds sensitive information - such as our Online or Mobile Banking. MFA improves your security by verifying your identity with a combination of factors, keeping your accounts safe and secure.


    Combinations of 'factors' make up multi-factor authentication. A factor is a way to confirm your identity when you try to sign in to a specific website. There are three common types of factors: 

    • Something you know - like a password or PIN. 
    • Something you have - like your cellphone or other devices.
    • Something you are - (biometrics) like fingerprint or facial recognition.


    How it works.

    When you register or log in to a system or website and use your username and password, you may be prompted to receive a text message or a phone call with a confirmation code. In other cases, you may be prompted to answer a security question. Once you enter a confirmation code or answer your security question and it's accepted, you've been verified. It's that easy!


    How it impacts you. 

    MFA helps protect you by giving you that extra security layer, making it harder for crooks to log in as you. For a would-be thief to log in, they would need to have more than your username and password. These additional layers help ensure your accounts and personal information stay protected. Plus, help keep your account secure by never sharing your information or your MFA information or codes.


    Keeping your information secure online takes more than just strong passwords. By adding a second layer of defense like multi-factor, you can keep your accounts more secure. Good news! AllSouth's Online and Mobile Banking already has this security built in for you. It's just one way we help keep your information secure.  


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