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Everything You Need to Know About Multi-Factor Authentication 

So what exactly is multi-factor authentication also referred to as MFA? Using multiple factors to verify who you are, MFA enhances the security of a site that typically holds sensitive information. MFA improves your security because it verifies your identity with a combination of something you know, have, or that is specifically related to you. 

What you know.

Things like passwords, PINs, and those pesky security questions that you have memorized, can make up one part of the MFA process. 

What you have.

Another factor of MFA is something you have. For example, your cellphone. As you log on, you may be asked if you want to receive a call or a text to your designated phone number. This is a commonly used method to verify that it is really you who is trying to access your information.

You, Biometrics.

The futuristic tech seen in movies and shows like Star Wars, Blade Runner, and Altered Carbon may not be here quite yet. However, biometrics are on the rise. Biometrics are security features that use you as a verification method. Things like using your fingerprint (Touch ID) or facial recognition (Face ID) to unlock your phone or login to an account are examples of biometrics in use. 

How it works.

When you register or login to a system or website, in addition to using your username and password, you may be prompted to receive a text message or a phone call with a confirmation code. In other cases, you may be prompted to type in an answer to one of your security questions. Once you enter the security code or answer your security question and it’s accepted, you’ve been verified. It’s that easy!

How it impacts you. 

MFA’s help protect you by giving you that extra layer of security, which makes it harder for crooks to login as you. In order for a would be thief to log in they would need to have your information as well as your phone – you would notice that missing.  

Our new Online and Mobile Banking experience will use MFA for added security. To help ensure a smooth transition to our new Online and Mobile Banking experience, we need to have your most up-to-date information on file, especially your email and phone number.

Quickly ensure your information is up-to-date

  • Using Online Banking, select 'My Settings' on the top-right menu bar. From there, you can view the phone number, email address, and mailing address we have on file and edit any information that needs to be updated.
  • Using the Mobile App, select 'More' from the bottom menu then, select 'Settings'. Under 'Settings', select 'My Settings' to view the phone number, email address, and mailing address we have on file and edit any information that needs to be updated.


Don’t wait - verify your contact information today to help make your transition to our new Online and Mobile Banking a smooth experience.  

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