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  • Best Time to Tackle Those Home Improvement Projects

    Getting ready to start knocking some projects off your home improvement list? It seems like the list is never-ending, and the projects always end up costing more than you budgeted for

    Don’t know where or when to start? Here’s a list of home improvement projects and when to take them on, so your list doesn’t seem so overwhelming.


    Spring is a time of new beginnings and a great time to start tackling projects before the warm summer months. The ever changing weather in the spring is going to determine when you can take on some projects.

    March: Spring weather is the perfect time to take care of those gutters you’ve been avoiding. Clogged gutters have the potential to lead to unwanted moisture in areas like your basement or crawl space. If left untreated, the moisture can damage the foundation and create costly repairs. 

    April: It’s a good time to update the flooring. The last thing you want to do is have to refinish your hardwood floors in the summer heat. The hot, humid weather can cause the floor to have an uneven finish. 

    It’s also a great time to complete some maintenance on your deck or pool, so you can kick back and enjoy them this summer. You can also consider having your air conditioner serviced or upgraded – before the scorching heat rolls in.

    May:  Do you have old or warped siding? Spring is a great time to give your home a new look with some updated siding. This is also the perfect time to repair or replace your roof.     


    Once summer rolls around and the rainy season has subsided, you can start to freshen up your home.

    June: Start by power washing your home to remove the dirt and grime that accumulate over winter and spring. Don’t forget to scrub windows and check for caulking. 

    July: Time to start fertilizing your lawn to make sure it has the nutrients needed to survive the rest of the season. Maintaining your yard will help keep the weeds away as well as increase your curb appeal.   

    August: Giving your home a fresh coat of paint will change the look of your home. Exterior paint does the best when the temperature fluctuates the least, making August the best time to paint. 

    It may seem odd, but summer can be the perfect time to have your furnace or fireplace serviced. The professionals who service these are more available this time of year. 


    Fall is when you want to start getting ready for winter. Get your home all cozy and comfortable for the cold weather that’s about to roll in. 

    September: Take a look for worn weather stripping and consider caulking any drafty areas. Also, the cooler weather makes a prime time to replace your windows. Newer windows can help to keep your home at the perfect temperature. 

    October: With the holidays approaching, appliances go on sale. Retailers may be looking to offload the old models to make room for the newer ones. This means you could find some great deals on items such as stoves and dishwashers.  

    November: If you’ve wanted to remodel your bathroom, winter may be the time to do it. With the colder weather on its way, you may be able to find a good deal from some contractors for small remodeling projects. 


    With the holiday season in full swing, most homeowners don’t consider winter as a good time to tackle home improvement projects. However, this may be the ideal time because contractors usually have less on their schedule before the holidays and are more likely to give you a discount. 

    December: The last month of the year is a great time to consider adding that new deck or installing a new fence. 

    January:  Carpeted floors can hold a significant amount of filth tracked in by shoes and pets. Most of us wait for spring to do a deep clean, but this gives stains plenty of time to settle in, becoming more difficult to remove. An extra cleaning to kill germs and bacteria in January is good for your health, considering the winter months are when we spend more time indoors.

    February: If you’re looking to add fresh paint to your walls, you’re more likely to find a better price on home painting during this time than you would in spring or summer.

    Also, as winter winds down, consider trimming your trees. The cold weather can cause some weakness in tree limbs, making them easier to take care of.


    We know your to-do list is never-ending, however with a little planning, you can make the most of it and get the fresh updated look you’re going for. 

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