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  • AllSouth AllStar Angela

    Our October AllStar is someone who knows how to adapt to change. With 15 years of experience, Angela has seen the Credit Union undergo many transformations. Let's take a moment to learn more about Angela and her journey.

    Angela is a South Carolina native from Aiken who settled in Columbia with her three children. She has had the opportunity to travel extensively around the world and now enjoys spending time with her five grandchildren.


    Angela joined AllSouth in 2008 as a teller at the Northeast branch. Over time, she gained expertise and experience in member service, which led her to take on a position in the AutoDirect department in 2013. Our AutoDirect department provides a convenient way for members to finance their vehicle through AllSouth while completing all their paperwork at the dealership. Angela recalled while there was an adjustment going from working directly with members face-to-face to back-office work, she embraced those changes. Her responsibilities working with AutoDirect included ensuring each deal had the necessary paperwork, funding the loans, and sending welcome packets to new members.


    "Angela is one of the strongest, kindest, and most genuine people I know. She always puts everyone above herself. I consider her a true friend." Lisa, Centralized Lending Loan Processor

    The processing skills she developed through her work with AutoDirect helped when she transitioned to our Mortgage department. Under the wing of one of our seasoned residential lending officers, Angela learned all about the mortgage process. Since 2019, Angela has been an integral part of the department by taking walk-in applications and ensuring all files comply with federal guidelines.


    "As a mortgage loan processor, Angela is responsible for overseeing the loans from start to finish. She is continuously building member-based relationships by helping them get their loan closed." Shannon, Director of Mortgage Lending

    Outside of work, Angela is as multifaceted as they come. As a self-proclaimed "homebody," she spends most of her time at home reading or writing. She has written and published two books and is currently in the beginning stages of her first fictional novel. As if that wasn't enough, Angela hosts a podcast every Friday. It began as a radio show in 2021 and is now broadcast in over 178 countries.


    Hosting a podcast allows Angela to shed her quiet persona as she interviews people live on air. Since childhood, Angela has always wanted to have a talk show like the personalities of her day. She said the questions come naturally, and she is entirely at ease in front of the camera. Angela sees her broadcast getting larger and reaching more people. If given the opportunity, Deborah Roberts is the celebrity she would most like to interview.






    When we asked Angela to describe herself, she said, "I am simply a quiet observer." Whether in person or on air, Angela loves hearing people's stories. It helps her learn more about the person and their journey. Angela is also very active in church and has developed a keen interest in decorating for their events, particularly creating elaborate balloon arches.


    Angela calls this chapter of her life her "second act." She is reliving and completing activities from her childhood that brought her joy. Eventually, she wants to work up the courage to roller-skate and possibly zipline. She looks forward to traveling more and dipping her feet into new bodies of water as soon as her schedule allows.





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