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  • AllSouth AllStar Merritt

    We recently visited our Camden branch to learn more about what's at the core of our latest AllStar, Merritt. If you've ever interacted with Merritt, you've experienced her gentle and caring personality. For those who haven't had the chance to personally meet Merritt, we're excited to introduce you to our latest AllStar.

    Merritt has worked in the financial industry for over 20 years. After taking a few years off from work to focus on personal time, she found herself ready to reenter the workforce and wanted to stay in the same career field. She joined the AllSouth team about seven years ago as a teller at our Parklane branch. Merritt is currently settled closer to where she lives, working as a teller at our Camden branch.



    Parklane is considered a floating branch as many of the tellers are often called upon to help at other locations that may be short-staffed for the day. The biggest thing Merritt learned at Parklane was adaptability by floating to other branches to assist members and team members seamlessly. Merritt enjoys meeting new people and seeing how different branches do things. Through her assistance at other locations, she was able to bring processes she'd learned back to her home branch to help make the member experience even better.



    Elmwood was one of the locations Merritt would float to the most. When she was offered a permanent position, she couldn't resist. She completed a year at Elmwood before coming to the recently opened, free-standing Camden branch. Merritt shared that being in a smaller town allows her get to know her members better than when she was working at a larger location where members visited from many different areas.  She appreciates that she can have personable interactions and provide a more detailed member experience.



    Merritt loves assisting members with their financial needs. She wants to see the member leave better than when they came into the branch. Recommending products and services that will not only benefit them now but will set them up for success in the long run is an everyday goal. At Camden, Merritt explains that there  are a lot of repeat members, so she enjoys getting to know them and building relationships. Merritt can usually empathize with members because if she doesn't see herself, she sees someone she knows in them.


    "Empathy is my favorite core value because we all live life. Life happens! You have to have compassion for people. You must understand that things happen, and sometimes you need someone to help you, provide a listening ear, or give you sound advice. It may sound cliché, but I treat others how I want to be treated."



    The team dynamic in Camden is unique because there are various ranges of financial experience. The team's various backgrounds allow them to use each other's strengths and elevate their weaknesses. With Merritt having over 20 years in the field, she can spread her knowledge to some of her coworkers that are new to the industry. Likewise, she can collaborate with team members that are more familiar with the technology that has become available recently. Merritt considers herself a bridge between the old and new way of doing things.



    Merritt's manager describes her as very kind and considerate of others, whether it's her teammates or members. She is very gentle when she explains things, especially when it isn't easy. Merritt is very humble in the way that she carries herself.

    Merritt takes great care with her members and shows them respect during their interactions. Her team members all agree that she is a great, compassionate, and dependable friend.


    "They call me Wings here, because I try to inspire others and lift them up with my words and actions."


    Merritt describes herself as a well-rounded person. She loves working in the yard and completing DIY projects around the house when she is away from work. She is also the president of the women's auxiliary at her church, so she also enjoys coordinating programs for that. Her favorite passage, "Don't despise small beginnings."



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