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  • AllSouth AllStar Angela C.

    Angela found her calling at AllSouth after deciding to leave her career in restaurant management. She set her sights on finding a role that aligned with her values, so when a position as a floating teller became available, Angela knew it was the perfect fit for her. We're excited to share more about this month's AllStar. 

    Angela's relationship with AllSouth started at the young age of 18 when she became a member and even secured her first car loan through the Credit Union. Seven years ago, Angela embarked on her journey as a team member, starting off as a floating teller. With dedication and years of experience, Angela has steadily climbed the ladder and now proudly serves as a floating branch manager. 


    "I started as a floating head teller with the goals and ambitions to be exactly where I am right now. I wanted to prove myself and work my way up." 

    The ever-changing pace of this position keeps Angela engaged and excited. Whether she's assisting on the teller line or working in the back office, there's never a dull moment. Angela enjoys interacting with members from all walks of life and deeply values the sense of community that AllSouth fosters. One of the highlights of her role is forming connections with members throughout the Credit Union.

    During her tenure at AllSouth, Angela has nurtured strong and lasting relationships not only with fellow floaters but also with regional branch managers and members. “I love that I've built relationships with a lot of the branches and teams where we have a good rapport that regardless of it being a few months since I've seen them, they know they can come to me and I can help them out,” she said.

    In both her personal and professional life, Angela lives by AllSouth's core values: service, respect, collaboration, empathy, and adaptability. As a manager, she actively encourages her team members to practice these values in their daily interactions.

    Angela firmly believes in walking the talk and ensuring that these values are ingrained in every aspect of her work. “More than just listing our values in an employee manual, we actually live those values, striving to make them a part of our everyday here,” she said.


    "I believe in what we stand for. We stand for our members, we stand for our team’s service. We’re service driven, and that’s at my heart as well." 


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    She is driven by a passion for service, not just within the Credit Union but also within her local community. She is very involved with her local church, where she is currently leading a Bible study for eighth graders and has previously led a women’s Bible study.

    "Angela has such a warm, inviting personality that members are drawn to. In her daily interactions, she puts a strong emphasis on service and empathy which allows members to connect with her. In turn, that allows her to uncover the member’s true needs. With her contagious positive energy, Angela is a cherished part of the AllSouth team." - Misty, Regional Manager

    When she's not working, Angela enjoys traveling with her loving husband of 14 years, spending quality time with her nieces and nephews, and enthusiastically cheering on the South Carolina Gamecocks.

    “I'm always ready for the next step, whatever that looks like,” she said.



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