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  • Helping You Save Is What Makes Kayla an AllSouth AllStar

    As one of our supervisors, Kayla assists members and team members with their needs. For the three years Kayla has been with AllSouth, she has had a positive impact on the members she serves and employees she works with.  Finding ways to help our members save and providing support to her team is why Kayla is our featured AllSouth AllStar.

    Kayla assists members with many of their everyday banking needs, including loan applications and opening new accounts. As a team leader and supervisor, her day to day duties involve ensuring branch operations run smoothly and that her employees are well trained and equipped to serve members. Her service, however, goes beyond her regular duties as she is often found being a supportive listener and offering a helping hand to anyone who may need it - employees and members alike.

    "My motto is, treat others the way I would want to be treated in a similar situation," said Kayla. This is evident through her work over the years, as she has helped several members by refinancing existing high-interest loans. Looking for ways to help our members save money and educating them about our products and services is something Kayla enjoys doing. You can see her living her motto in everything she does and how she approaches her work.  It has paid off as members come into the Elmwood location just to see Kayla.

    Recently, a member came in to purchase an official check to pay their rent. She overheard the member mention to the other employee how frustrating renting was for her because every month she pays for something that will never belong to her.  The employee asked the member if she had considered owning her own home. At first, the member was hesitant because she was unaware that we offer mortgages at AllSouth. The employee then proceeded to tell her about our mortgage products.  After hearing the conversation between the two, Kayla stepped in to assist and to answer the member's questions.  The member then became excited and hopeful about the possibility of homeownership after Kayla discussed with her our mortgage products.

    Kayla immediately scheduled an appointment for the member to meet with one of AllSouth’s mortgage experts.   Later Kayla learned that the member was preparing to purchase a new home by the end of this year, and wanted to personally thank her for sharing the information and encouraging her to pursue their dream of homeownership. 

    We believe that the more our members know about their financial options, the more empowered they are to make better financial decisions.  These are a few examples of Kayla's dedication to excellent service.  She is also a standout team member always striving to do her best for her teammates and AllSouth members.

    On her days off, she enjoys baking, creating new recipes, and spending time with her family. The next time you are near our Elmwood location, stop in and say hi to Kayla and the rest of the team. 

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