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  • AllSouth AllStar Kaniecha

    Kaniecha has been a team member at AllSouth for over 15 years now, holding many different titles in various departments during that time. The experiences and skills she's developed working in different roles have helped prepare Kaniecha for her current role as a senior loan administration specialist. As a senior loan administration specialist, she oversees her team, assisting with registration, transfers, and all things related to title work. Kaniecha also works directly with our branch team members answering any questions they may have about title work when a member finances a vehicle, motorcycle, boat, or RV with AllSouth.

    “I take my work very seriously, but I’m also lighthearted, very genuine, and want to make sure I go beyond just my job,” Kaniecha said. One of the best parts of her job is when she has the opportunity to help members directly. Kaniecha regularly follows up with members, answering any questions they may have, and checking to see if there is any way she can assist them further. It’s not just getting the job done that matters to her, it’s having an impact on her community. Kaniecha takes pride in the services she provides to members, making it possible for them to stay on the road, get to their jobs, and take care of their families.

    She believes that it takes a team to find true success, no matter what your title is. Kaniecha and her team meet every three weeks specifically to review what processes are working for them and what they might want to change/improve. She believes that great communication between her team members is the key to success, as well as communicating with her supervisor and other departments when needed.

    When Kaniecha began in title work she was responsible for many changes within the loan servicing department. One of Kaniecha’s proudest accomplishments since becoming a senior loan administration specialist has been creating the title manual for her department. She updated her department's training program and worked with our training department to train new team members.

    One of the biggest lessons Kaniecha has learned in life is that if you want a change in your life, you have to be the one who makes it. Even if you can only take baby steps at first, and even if you fall, it’s worth working toward positive change. She is passionate about empowering people, and that comes across through her job and her personal hobbies. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her family, in nature, reading, and working on creative projects like her very first children's book that she's working on getting published. She also has a YouTube channel (which focuses on helping people feel empowered).

    When it comes to finances, Kaniecha's best advice for our members is to keep an emergency savings account along with a separate savings account for whatever it is you dream of doing. Setting aside a little bit of money every paycheck adds up fast, and it's definitely worth it to live out your calling.

    Kaniecha feels strongly about her time with AllSouth. She says the growth she has had here has been amazing. She has been able to try her hand at several departments over the years, building her repertoire of knowledge across the credit union, and building relationships with all sorts of people, both team members and members of our credit union. Kaniecha believes that all of these experiences have made her who she is today, and that these abilities and accomplishments carryover to her personal creative successes.

    Kaniecha is an AllStar because she goes beyond what's necessary, and she has fun doing so. Nora, an AllSouth team member, shared that one of the best things about Kaniecha is that she always puts you in a good mood. Kaniecha is sincere, caring, and dedicated, and always willing to help pitch in. Shronda, who works in AutoDirect, says "Kaniecha is a true AllStar that continues to shine in whatever she does." 

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