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  • AllSouth AllStar Chelsea

    Our May AllStar plays a significant role in helping to provide a secure and streamlined solution for record-keeping. As a document imaging manager, Chelsea oversees the digitization process, ensures files are indexed and stored properly, and provides support and training to her team.

    Chelsea started her career with AllSouth seven years ago as a floating teller. In 2016, she transitioned to working with our records retention department. Chelsea says she fell into this role in an unconventional way. Chelsea worked as a records clerk and was later promoted to records team lead prior to her current role.

    “I’ve had a lot of opportunities to grow. If I ever wanted to learn something, there were people on my team who taught me. They asked me to do something and then gave me the resources to get it done,” she said.

    As a self-proclaimed Type-A kind of person, Chelsea explained how her current position is such a great fit. She loves lists, bullet points, and deadlines. “I thrive in that kind of environment,” she said. Chelsea enjoys the everyday challenges of her position because it keeps her on her toes. “It’s not where I thought I’d be, but I love it.”

    She describes the culture at AllSouth as incredibly encouraging and friendly. Chelsea said she loves working in an environment where all the departments work together. In addition to the friendly atmosphere, she appreciates that the Credit Union promotes a culture of continuous learning and growth by providing tools and resources for employees to hone their skills.

    "Chelsea does an awesome job managing the document imaging team and always maintains a positive attitude no matter the circumstances. She is ready to take on new responsibilities and provide help whenever it is needed. A great representative for AllSouth!" - Jeff, Director of Application Support

    Chelsea shared the best financial advice she’s heard since joining AllSouth almost a decade ago. “Let your money work for you. Compare interest rates when you’re opening accounts so your money can build on itself,” she said. She recommends considering accounts that earn interest like Premium Checking, a Money Market, or Certificates so you can earn something on the money that’s in your account. There are plenty of accounts or products available to cater to what you need.

    Chelsea at the Grand Canyon

    Chelsea gained a love for travel as a military child and even spent her school years in Hawaii. Upon graduating from high school, she attended York University in Canada on a rowing scholarship and studied tourism.

    After her parents retired to South Carolina, Chelsea moved back to the States and settled in Columbia. She lives in Cayce with her husband, Tyler, dog (Luna), and three cats (Smokey, Doug, and Freddy).

    Family Photo

    Although Chelsea considered herself to be more of an indoor person, her husband’s job for the South Carolina State Parks has opened her eyes to the beauty of the outdoors. They like to spend their free time going on adventures like kayaking or boating on the Congaree River, walking along the Riverwalk, and traveling. They rotate between a trip within the States and an international trip each year. Chelsea is currently planning her trip to Iceland next year.

    Chelsea and her husband in Kyoto, Japan.


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