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  • Leading by Example, AllSouth AllStar Kristin

    Leading by example and serving our members with compassion and patience are a few qualities that make Kristin our featured AllSouth AllStar. Her exceptional organizational and leadership skills are evident in how she manages it all - work responsibilities, leading her department and managing her life outside of work (raising a family and running a local family-owned business).

    AllSouth AllStar Kristin works in our operations department as the member account support manager. She started her career with us 12 years ago as a teller and has worked her way up to her current position. AllSouth AllStar Kristin does an excellent job assisting our members with their accounts and situations that can be sensitive and confusing for them. We spent time with Kristin to learn more about her drive to succeed and what makes her an AllSouth AllStar.

    How did you get into banking?

    Kristin C: Actually, I started my banking career by chance. After earning a dual bachelor's degree in Communications and Music, I worked for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I later became an admissions counselor for Stony Brook University. After a few years in the workforce, I decided to be a stay-at-home mom for a while.

    In 2007, my family moved to South Carolina from New York to open a small business. Right at the time we were set to open our business in 2008, the recession hit, and I needed to find a job to help support my family. I was introduced to the banking world in 2009 when I applied for a teller position at AllSouth, and I've been working here ever since. I've held multiple positions before a promotion to my current position as the member account support manager.

    What's your current position? Job responsibilities?

    KC: Currently, I am the member account support manager. In this role, I supervise a team that provides account assistance and support to our members ranging from managing deceased member accounts, quality assurance, and account research. We also work to ensure our member information is up to date and accurate.

    Another part of my job consists of assisting our members with IRAs (individual retirement accounts) and overdraft services including Overdraft Privilege, and Fresh Start loans.

    I recently earned my certification as a Certified IRA Professional. With this certification, I can help our members extensively with their IRAs, whether it's answering our team member and member questions, servicing accounts, or assisting with 401(k) rollovers

    "Kristin is a wonderful example of her team. Kristin Clancy values our members and treats them with respect and kindness. She loves her job and our members!" said Devra, her supervisor. 


    What's a typical day like for you?

    KC: There's something new every day, but most days, I assist my department and provide support to our branch staff with issues or concerns related to our department. I also address many calls about IRAs, deceased member accounts, and overdrawn accounts. I am part of the AllSouth team that helps to ensure our member's account maintenance is performed efficiently and accurately.


    What do you enjoy the most about your job?

    KC: The best thing about my job is that I can help people. I enjoy assisting the branch employees, who are in turn assisting our members. When a teller or another team member calls me for assistance with a problem or issue that needs immediate attention, I take great pride in working with that team member to develop a solution that makes everyone happy and helps our member.

    I also enjoy working with an incredible team in the member account support department. Our team supports one another and works hard to accomplish our departmental goals and serve the credit union.

    "Kristin is awesome and a joy to work with. She’s the most organized person I’ve ever met," said Laurie, a team member. 


    Share a memorable time you were able to help a member overcome an obstacle they were facing. What solution did you offer to help their situation?

    KC: We have a member who inherited funds from his father's IRA at a credit union in another state. He was confused about what to do. We discussed opening an inherited IRA at AllSouth. I assisted him with getting the funds transferred directly from the other institution to AllSouth to avoid paying any unnecessary taxes. Later, when the other institution made some errors in their reporting of the transaction, our member again reached out to me for help. I was able to work with the other credit union to solve the problem.

    I often have the opportunity to interact with the family members of one of our members that have passed away. I feel privileged to assist these individuals during a challenging time and help them understand the sometimes confusing and complex issues surrounding resolving the deceased person's accounts at AllSouth. My team strives to ease the family's burden even just a little bit by making the process smooth and easy for them so that we can lessen their worries during this time.

    "Some of the responsibilities that she and her team handle can be sensitive such as resolving the accounts of a member who has passed away. Kristin does an excellent job of helping others understand a situation, and does so with compassion and patience," said Laurie, a team member. 


    What's the best financial advice you'd give someone?

    KC: Many of our members live on a fixed income and face the challenge of surviving as their expenses continue to rise. The current pandemic makes things more challenging as they struggle with lost wages, childcare, healthcare, etc.

    There are three best pieces of financial advice I would share with someone. The first financial advice I'd give someone is to create a budget and live within your means (not spending money you don't have or haven't budgeted for). A budget helps you to better manage your finances by tracking your income and expenses.

    The second piece of financial advice I would give is to save for the future by setting up an emergency fund account and planning for retirement. Opening a savings account and setting up direct deposit is an easy way to save for your emergency fund. Also, Traditional and Roth IRAs are retirement savings accounts you can use to help plan for your future. You should prepare for the unexpected when it happens and plan to live comfortably in retirement.

    The third financial advice I would give someone is to name beneficiaries on your accounts (bank accounts, insurance policies, retirement accounts, etc.) If there's a beneficiary named on the account, there's no doubt who would receive the funds after your death. It could save your family time and money and help make the process much easier for the family.


    What do you attribute your success to, and why?

    KC: I attribute my success to hard work and a good work ethic. I believe nothing worth attaining comes easily. Having a solid work ethic seems like a simple thing, but it can make or break you in your career and life.


    What's your favorite quote or philosophy in life?

    KC: My most favorite quote is, "if you can dream it, you can do it," by Walt Disney. I am a big fan of Disney.


    What's a work-related accomplishment that you're proud of?

    KC: I am most proud of becoming a Certified IRA Professional. I earned my certification in 2020. This credential allows me to assist our branch staff and members in a more knowledgeable way regarding their IRAs (account opening, account servicing, 401(k) rollovers, etc.). I also work to ensure AllSouth stays abreast of changes in IRA regulations and laws.


    What do you enjoy doing when you're not working?

    KC: When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband and five beautiful children. I love cooking, especially Italian food. I also enjoy spending time working at our family-owned Italian restaurant. When I'm not busy cooking or spending time with family, I enjoy playing the French horn. Before COVID, I enjoyed playing with the Lexington Community Band.  


    What's your dream vacation?

    KC: We are huge Disney fans! We love to go to Disney in Florida. Our "local" Disney resort on Hilton Head Island is one of my favorite places to visit. For my dream vacation, I would love to see Italy and go to Ireland and Sweden, where one of my sisters lives.


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