Giving Back to Others, AllSouth AllStar, Nysha

Whether assisting our members with their financial needs, training team members, volunteering in the community, or starting a non-profit to serve others, our featured AllSouth AllStar, Nysha, has a true passion and love for helping others. She strives to make a difference every day in the lives of those she comes in contact with. Her passion and desire to help and serve others come from her personal experiences and being able to turn challenging situations around into something positive.

Nysha started her career with us six years ago. During that time, she has worked as a member service representative, vault teller, and now as the head teller at our newest branch location in Orangeburg County. Nysha is excited to be at our Orangeburg branch and looks forward to serving our members in this community. With her warm and inviting personality, Nysha loves meeting new people, and genuinely enjoys getting to know them. She understands the importance of building long-lasting relationships.

Her top priority is to help our members solve their financial problems. As head teller, Nysha supervises her teammates and assists them as needed. On any given day, you can find Nysha assisting members with their everyday banking, answering their questions, opening new member accounts, or helping them secure financing such as a personal loan or auto loan.

Nysha feels it’s important to put people at ease and knows that banking can be a chore for some, and depending on what they have going on in their lives, it can also be stressful. She also believes that providing good service means truly caring about the members she serves, as well as having a good laugh.


“I have worked with Nysha for many years. She has always made sure she was available for anyone in order to ensure service was the focus. Nysha takes the initiative to assist wherever needed. She is focused on service and thinks about others before herself,” said Carla, her supervisor.



Nysha’s knowledge, personality, and can-do attitude is one of the reasons many members will follow her from branch to branch. For example, while Nysha was training at our Cayce branch, she helped a member with an auto loan. The member, who lived in Orangeburg, was excited about purchasing a new car with all the latest features. The member’s young daughter was also excited about getting the new car because of the sunroof. She wanted to look up at the stars. Nysha felt happy and proud to work to help the member secure an auto loan for the vehicle she and her daughter absolutely loved. Nysha had the pleasure to serve this member again when she returned later to secure another auto loan for a second vehicle. Providing these types of moments, giving awesome customer service, and caring are the reasons why members return time and time again to work with team members like Nysha.

Our goal at AllSouth is to provide financial products and services that make every day life simple as well as provide them with opportunities to help them with their financial goals. Nysha uses her knowledge of our products and services to help our members get closer to their financial goals. For example, most recently, she was able to help a member potentially save hundreds of dollars. A member came to the branch to cash a loan check. Nysha knew the loan check was associated with an interest rate of well over 30%. The member was dealing with a death in her family and had held on to the check for a while. Nysha instantly knew she had to talk with the member and share information about our personal loans that had a lower interest rate. After discussing and answering the member’s questions, Nysha was able to help her secure the personal loan. It turned out that she was able to borrow more with a better interest rate and a lower monthly payment. “The member cried and hugged me so tight. This was a good day for the member,” said Nysha.

Nysha is very much aware of the difficulties some of our members face such as managing debt, having faced financial difficulties herself. As a single mom, she’s had to learn the importance of budgeting, saving, and managing debt and credit. “If you truly want to be financially healthy you must first have an honest conversation with yourself, then ask for help,” said Nysha. Along the way she has learned many lessons that give her an advantage connecting to members and their financial goals and struggles.

One strategy she recommends for paying down debt is to focus on eliminating smaller debts first. For example, every time you pay off a small debt, use the extra funds to tackle the next smallest debt. It is easier to pay off the smaller loans or credit card balances than it is to tackle the bigger ones first. No one wants to owe more than they make, which is why tackling debt is so important. With this process, commitment, and patience, you’ll soon see a difference. Plus, your efforts towards debt management will be reflected on your credit report. Want to read more about establishing credit, check out our blog on 5 Tips for Establishing Good Credit.

When asked what motivates her to serve and give back to others, Nysha simply replied, “I understand the struggles our members face. Unfortunately, at one point in my life, I had to utilize places like Harvest Hope for food and soup kitchens for a hot meal for the day. I’ve learned how to rebuild my credit and save. Now that I’m no longer in that situation, it’s very important for me to pass on what I’ve learned to help others whether it’s on my job or in the community.” Because of her life experiences and willingness to serve others, Nysha recently started a non-profit called Open Arms Outreach which distributes hygiene and food bags to the homeless.

When Nysha is not working or distributing items to the homeless in our community, she enjoys spending time with her children and volunteering with other charities. She also loves to craft. Nysha and her children have made outdoor furniture and built a fire pit.

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