Employee Giving and Matching Program, AllSouth Gives Back

Our commitment to service doesn't stop with our members. We're also committed to investing in the communities we proudly serve. It's our mission to help improve the quality of life in our communities by dedicating resources, funds, and employee time to local organizations, causes, and charities that reflect our shared values of military support, family crisis, and issues of homelessness and hunger.

In the last two years, we've seen how the effects of the pandemic have negatively impacted our communities, especially those already in need. Yet, at AllSouth, we remain dedicated to supporting charities and organizations helping our communities with food insecurity and providing other services to families struggling with hardships during these unprecedented times.

Our AllSouth team recognizes the importance of giving back and has demonstrated their support by donating to worthy causes throughout the years. Since 2012, our team members have generously donated over $67,000 to local charities as part of our 'Casual for a Cause' program. This program allowed employees to dress 'casual' in exchange for a donation to a selected charity each month.

We redesigned our 'Casual for a Cause' program in an effort to further increase our giving to help those in need. In 2022, we introduced 'AllSouth Gives Back,' our newly redesigned employee giving program. Through 'AllSouth Gives Back,' we will match our team members' generous contributions dollar-for-dollar. The 'AllSouth Gives Back' program will continue to provide donations and support the mission and goals of charities in the communities we serve throughout the Midlands.

"Our AllSouth team is very generous and really enjoys giving back to the community. Over the years, I have watched our team rally around collection drives for veterans and donate several thousands of meals worth of food," said Bill Koehler, President & CEO. "Their generosity inspires us to do more, which is why we wanted to match their contributions."

As part of our AllSouth Gives Back program, our team members had the opportunity to submit and vote on their top charities and non-profit organizations they wanted to contribute to. As a result, a total of 12 charities were selected for each month of the year. The charities that were chosen for 2022 are:

We hope that our steadfast commitment to our community and members, through good times and bad, demonstrates our willingness to be both a financial and community partner. We will continue to seek new and innovative ways to provide our members with solutions that meet every day banking needs and help make every day possible while supporting our local community.

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