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  • Control Your Cards with CardControl

    It's been a long day already, and you need to stop by the store to pick up a few items for dinner. You get to the checkout to pay when you suddenly realize your card is missing from your wallet. You immediately go into panic mode because you can't remember where you placed your card or the last time you used it. We can relate as we've all been there a time or two. The good news is that the next time something like this happens, you can put your mind at ease and reduce your stress level with the CardControl app.

    CardControl, a mobile banking app, gives you the power to manage your AllSouth Debit Card anywhere, anytime right from your smartphone. It includes features that allow you to easily turn your card on or off, monitor your transactions, and set spending limits. CardControl protects your cards from fraudulent activities by blocking certain transactions and alerting you when your card is used. It's a great way to know what's going on with your card at all times.

    CardControl Features

    Turning Your Card "On" and "Off"

    This feature allows you to temporarily turn your card on or off if it's lost or stolen. Turning your card off when you're not using it could prevent fraudulent activity because no transaction will be approved when it's set on this feature. You can easily turn your card back on when found or when you're ready to use it.

    Control Where Your Card is Used

    The Location Control feature allows you to block transactions based on where your card is being used or your phone's location. There are three location options available:

    My Location: When the GPS is enabled on your phone, a transaction made outside of your phone's location will not be processed. Your phone and the merchant's site must match to approve the purchase.

    My Regions: You can set up multiple regions that would allow you to make purchases within those regions. Any purchases made outside of the selected regions will be denied.

    International: This option allows you to select specific countries where in-store transactions are permitted and are safe. Any transactions made outside of the chosen country will be declined.

    You can also control the types of stores - department, entertainment, gas station, grocery, personal care stores, restaurants, and travel - where you can use your card.

    Monitor Your Transactions

    CardContol allows you to set up alerts to notify you anytime a purchase is made with your AllSouth Debit Card. Receiving real-time alerts lets you know immediately when your card is being used by you or someone committing fraud. The alert will display the location, date, transaction amount, and the card used for the transaction. If the transaction is declined, you'll receive a notification as well.

    Manage Your Spending

    Suppose you tend to overspend or need help sticking with your budget. In that case, this feature could help you better manage your finances. It allows you to set spending limits for each transaction based on merchant types such as department stores, restaurants, and gas stations. The transaction declines if it exceeds the spending limit you set.

    Getting Started

    Setting up CardControl is quick and easy. Before you can use the CardControl app, you must download the AllSouth Mobile Banking app. Once you've downloaded and registered both apps, you can set the features based on your preference. The mobile app is available in Apple App Store® or Google Play™ Store.

    Apple App Store      Google Play Store


    The next time you misplace your card or if you want another tool to help you manage your finances better, CardControl can help put your mind at ease and help you stay on track with your budget. It empowers you to take control of your cards and your finances.

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