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It’s a Trap, Warning Signs to Look Out For When Job Hunting

It’s a Trap, Warning Signs to Look Out For When Job Hunting

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If you’re looking at job postings, you’ve probably come across a posting and thought this sounds too good to be true. Scammers are targeting job hunters and trying to get your personal information. While some are easy to spot, others can be more difficult and look like the real deal. Here are some warning signs to look out for.

“No Experience Necessary”

All jobs, even entry-level ones, will require some experience. Chances are if you stumble across a posting with great pay and claims no experience necessary, it may be a scam. Another sign that the job posting is a scam is if it doesn’t say what you’ll be doing or what the qualifications are for the job. 

Exceptional pay.

This one piggybacks off the previous one. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. For example, you find a job offering great pay that is significantly more than similar jobs in the same field, it more than likely is a scam. Research similar positions to learn more about the salary range in that field.


If you apply for a job and they ask for a processing fee or any fee, it’s a scam. Please don’t send the money or information they are requesting. Also, be aware if they ask you to cash a check and forward a portion of the money to a third party.  

You’re hired.

As great as you are, no one is so great that they are hired out of the blue. It would be fantastic if jobs just fell into our laps without looking or even applying for them. However, if you find yourself hired without contacting anyone, be wary. Any employer that is going to hire you without looking over your resume isn’t worth working for.   

Requires your personal information.

You should never give out your personal information such as credit card number, account information, driver’s license, social security number or complete forms for the IRS before you’ve been hired. Anyone asking for this information beforehand is scamming you. 

Poor grammar and typos in the posting.

Does the posting have bad grammar, incomplete sentences, and spelling errors? If so, those are red flags for you to avoid that posting. Another sign to avoid the posting is if it looks as though it was completed or translated by a computer.

Odd hours of calls.

Calls before 7 am or after 9 pm could be considered as out of line. Most businesses will try and call you between regular business hours unless arrangements were made previously to call during these times.

Numerous postings.

We’ve all seen the posts from the same company that is hiring for every position imaginable. It’s either a scam targeting as many keywords as they can, or they have a revolving staff. Both should be red flags.


Finding a job can be difficult. Do your research and pay attention to the warning signs. Take your time, and don’t be pressured into giving your personal information to avoid becoming a victim of a job scam.