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  • Helping Members Reach their Financial Goals is What Makes Archana an AllSouth AllStar

    For the past eleven years, Archana has been striking up conversations and assisting members at AllSouth.  Not only does she find great joy in helping members with their day-to-day transactions and banking needs, but she also enjoys helping them find solutions. We’re featuring Archana this month as our AllSouth AllStar because she takes the time to get to know her members, understand their needs, and goes beyond the standard service one would expect.

    Through her work, Archana is able to help members throughout many of their life stages by providing services through financial education and helping them select the right product at the right time. She also helps members navigate financial options such as a Personal Line of Credit or a Savings account as a backup when short on funds instead of incurring high (or a lot of ) overdraft fees.

    We strive to provide helpful financial education and tools that benefit our members and their financial well-being.  "Often, I’ve had conversations with members who think they don't make enough money to put aside in a savings account for emergencies, or even a vacation. We work with members to take small steps that will pay off and make a difference in their savings. Sometimes the large goals seem really hard to accomplish, but if you tackle savings $1 at a time and gradually work your way up to larger amounts, it can become easier. Packing lunches instead of eating out, buying snacks at the store instead of using the vending machine, and other little savings tricks can go a long way over time. Every little bit helps to add to your savings. Another tip I give my members is to set up direct deposit to an account that does not have a debit card to help them stash away funds for a rainy day,” said Archana when speaking about financial tips she often provides. 

    Making a difference in the lives of our members is what matters to Archana, “I specifically remember working with one of our members who was really struggling to save.  After working with him, it was apparent a club account could be a benefit.” 

    A club account is a secondary savings account that offers an easy way to save for emergencies and other large expenses but has a limit on the number of withdrawals you are allowed to make. We offer a Cookie Jar Club account and a Christmas Club account. Our Cookie Jar Club account helps to encourage saving for those expected (or unexpected) expenses. Our Christmas Club account is specifically designed for the expensive holiday season. Before you know it, it’s Thanksgiving and time to start shopping, and unless you are really disciplined you may not have the extra funds to spare. The Christmas Club account allows you to save all year for the season then the funds are deposited just before the big shopping events (during the first week of November), so you can catch all the good sales.

    Archana suggested to the member to start with a small amount of money and work up to an amount that he was more comfortable with. “The member opened a club account and started saving a little bit each pay period. This member is now successfully saving, which is something he thought he would never be able to do. He is happy watching it grow. Getting to know members, seeing them prosper, and achieve their financial goals is something that will never get old,” said Archana. 
    It is clear that Archana works to make a difference with the people she serves, and we are happy to have her on our team. “She is very dependable. She takes pride in what she does, and as a result, she has a loyal following of members that will want her to assist them,” said Sherri, Archana’s manager.

    When Archana is not working, she enjoys taking walks with her husband and spending time with her two children. She also enjoys traveling, reading, watching TV, and hanging out with her friends on the weekends. Next time you are near our Dutch Plaza location, stop in and say hi to Archana and the rest of the team.

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