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  • Compassionate and Knowledgeable, Rochelle Johnson an AllSouth AllStar

    Compassionate, knowledgeable and a good listener are the traits that make Rochelle Johnson an AllSouth AllStar.  Rochelle has been helping our members with their financial needs for 20 years as a Member Answer Center Representative, providing excellent service to our members and listening to their wants and service needs.

    Always compassionate, Rochelle goes the extra mile to ensure our members have an excellent experience no matter the request, and she will go the extra mile to ensure our members’ needs are met. "Although, I don’t have face-to-face contact with our members,” said Rochelle, "I love connecting with them during calls and being able to help, no matter how simple or complex the request may be. It is important that the members know that I am here for them.”

    Rochelle’s primary job is to assist our members by answering their calls through our Member Answer Center.  Anyone who has called a customer service line or has worked in a call center knows the challenges that come with getting help or helping someone over the phone.  Working in our call center, which we refer to as our Member Answer Center, she helps the members with a multitude of requests including providing account information, helping a member apply for a loan, and solve issues concerning their account or debit card. Our Member Answer Center also helps people with Online and Mobile Banking – everything from getting set up and logged in, to bill payments using Bill Pay.

    Rochelle and our Member Answer Center team answer hundreds of calls every day.  There are times when some issues require further investigation. When this occurs, Rochelle evaluates the situation, along with her team to find the best possible solution for that particular issue.  If another department needs to get involved in resolving a problem, Rochelle's knowledge of AllSouth helps her determine where she needs to seek assistance for the member. “She goes above and beyond to assist our members,” said Devra Lackey, AllSouth’s Member Answer Center Manager.

    Rochelle has two sons, Eric and Joshua.  She loves spending time with her niece, Brianna and her dog, Blue.  In her spare time, she likes to sing, shop, and visit the beach.

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